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What Sets Saudi Arabian Airlines Apart?

Saudia Airlines | الخطوط السعودية

Saudi Arabian Airlines has undertaken an elaborate development plan to continually improve its services in the last few years.

The airline has upgraded its technical infrastructure and introduced smart technology to provide its customers with seamless customer services.

The airline has also improved its online booking facilities. While flying, do not forget to check their special flight deals and cheap last-minute offers. The airline offers services in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Saudi Arabian Airlines services for Economy Class, Business Class and First Class

Global Reach Economy Class

  • A variety of international food options.
  • Seats that can be adjusted for extra comfort.
  • Personal screens equipped with an entertainment system.
  • On long flights, the airline offers passengers an overnight bag.
  • An entertainment kit with books and games for children.

Global Reach Business Class

  • Complimentary dates and beverages.
  • International food options in exquisite china.
  • Variety of appetizers before the main entree.
  • Personal 15-inch screens offering top entertainment options.
  • Seats that can be adjusted into beds.
  • For longer flights, the airline offers an overnight bag and sleepwear for its passengers.

Global Reach First Class

  • Complimentary juices and fresh dates.
  • International dining options served on elegant china.
  • A variety of appetizers served before the main course.
  • Al Faris executive meals that allow you to choose when to dine.
  • 23-inch screens with top-class entertainment options.
  • Seats that can be adjusted into beds.
  • Sleepwear and overnight bags for longer flights.

Saudi Airlines Saudia (SV) Overview

Saudia Airlines Information

  • ICAO Code SVA
  • IATA Code SV
  • Main Company Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Company Headquarters Jeddah-Saudi Arabia
  • Number of destinations 102 destinations
  • Year of operation 1945
  • The slogan “Welcome to your world”
  • Alliances Sky Team Alliance

Saudia & the Alliance of Common Code

  • Air France.
  • Italian Air Lines.
  • Gulf Air.
  • Kenyan Airlines.
  • Kuwait Airways.
  • Middle East Airlines.
  • Sri Lankan Airlines.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Check-in Information

For passengers with a confirmed e-ticket, online check-in can be made between 48 hours and 90 minutes before departure for Saudi Arabian Airlines international flights, and between 48 hours and 1 hour before departure for domestic flights.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Baggage Allowance

For Domestic Flights

  • The maximum carry-on luggage allowance for Economy Class Saver, Basic, and Flex categories is one bag of up to 7 kg.
  • The maximum checked luggage allowance for the Economy Class Basic category is one bag with a maximum weight of 23 kg.
  • The maximum checked luggage allowance for the Economy Class Flex category is two bags with a maximum weight of 23 kg each. Infants receive a complimentary checked baggage allowance of up to 23 kg.
  • The maximum carry-on luggage allowance for Business Class Basic and Flex categories is one bag of up to 9 kg. Infants get complimentary carry-on baggage of up to 7 kg.
  • The maximum checked luggage allowance for the Business Class Basic category is two bags of up to 32 kg each.
  • The maximum checked luggage allowance for the Business Class Flex category is two bags of up to 32 kg each. Infants receive a complimentary checked baggage allowance of up to 23 kg.
  • The maximum carry-on luggage allowance for First Class one bag of up to 9 kg. Infants get a complimentary carry-on baggage allowance of up to 7 kg.
  • The maximum checked luggage allowance for First Class is two bags of up to 32 kg each. Infants receive a complimentary checked baggage allowance of up to 23 kg.

For International Flights

  • Each passenger on the “Hospitality Class” is entitled to carry two pieces provided that the weight of the single piece shall not exceeding 23 kg.
  • Each Passenger on the “First” and “Business” classes is entitled to carry two pieces provided that the weight of the single piece shall not exceeding 32 kg.
  • The baby has one free piece not exceeding 10 kg, whether it is a first-class passenger or business or hospitality.
  • The customers of “Saudi Arabian Airlines” of Al-Fursan Silver and Gold cardholders and Sky Team customers of “Elite” and “Elite Plus” cardholders are allowed to carry an additional free package of up to 32 kg, as well as baggage free of charge depending on their class. If they are in the hospitality class, they will be allowed to carry an additional piece up to 23 kgs for free.
  • The passengers (of all classes) suffering from renal failure are allowed to carry 3 additional pieces free of charge.
    The length of each piece shall not exceed 158 cm.
  • The First and Business Class passengers are allowed to carry a handbag of the size of not more than 115 cm document case not exceeding 100 cm in size, provided that the combined weight of the two pieces does not exceed 9 kg.
  • The passengers on the Hospitality class are allowed to carry a handbag of no more than 115 cm, and the weight shall not be more than 7 kg, and to allow personal belongings such as coats, sunshades, small camera, women’s handbag, reading book, food or coat for baby, or small musical instrument.

About Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Airlines’ meals offered to passengers are characterized by diversity, high-quality preparation, and attention to safety and health standards, all taking into account the nature of the flight and the service levels.

The quality of the meals varies according to destinations. There are meals prepared for Middle East trips, for Asia and Far East trips, and so for Europe and North America.

The Saudi Arabian Airlines offers special meals for First and Business Class passengers, as well as meals prepared for the passengers of Hospitality class, pilgrims, and performers of Umrah, all that have been supervised by an international team of international culinary experts coming from different cultures to ensure the authenticity of the flavors and dishes being offered.

The passengers can choose their favorite meals in advance while booking their flights, and choose between food patterns suitable for their food habits, such as vegetarian meals, low-fat meals, or diabetic meals, as well as regular meals that touch the taste of a variety of people.

In 1985, The “Saudia” launched an “air sales” service on its flights, under the supervision of the logistics department, and since then, the service has evolved to possess numerous international awards as a result of customer service style, goods quality, and reasonable prices.

This service was also characterized by the possibility to take advantage of it on the plane, or through air sales centers at airports or in some cities, along with the possibility to shop via the service website on the Internet.

Via this service, clients of “Saudi Arabian Airlines” are able to buy all kinds of perfumes, accessories, and ornaments, as well as gifts, toys, and souvenirs bearing the company’s logo for the collectors of memorabilia. We can mention essential features for this service, including:

  • The competitive price of sold goods: where it can be found on board of the “Saudi Arabian Airlines” at a price 30% lower than the prices in outside retail markets.
  • The continuous update of the goods: where a change in the assortment of the offered goods once every 4 months.
  • A range of exclusive goods: that is offered only through air sales and are not available in domestic markets.

The “Saudia” provides on board of its flights – especially long ones – entertainment programs broadcasted via screens installed behind the seats in many of its planes and are controlled via touching or a personal control device to provide an ideal environment to spend and enjoy time through a range of programs and video and audio presentations.

These screens enable passengers to view video shows on 24 broadcasting stations. In some planes, they can be up to 40 stations, including a variety of religious programs, Arabic and international films, documentaries, and children’s programs, which have been carefully selected to suit the tact of the greatest possible number of passengers.

The audio material can be listened to through 12 audio stations, as well as several video games. These screens also provide a presentation about navigational information showing the itinerary and direction of Qibla as well as the possibility to watch the views seen by the captain thanks to the external cameras installed in front of and below the plane, which directly transfer the external scenes to the passengers.

Saudi Arabian FAQs

When can I get my boarding pass?
You can get your pass within 24 hours prior to the flight and until 1 hour of the scheduled departure for domestic flight and 30 minutes for international flights. You can get the boarding pass through the website or at the self-service KIOSKs.
What is Alfursan membership?
Alfursan is a unique program for frequent flyers of Saudi Arabian Airlines. The members enjoy a wide range of benefits and privileges. One can redeem the Reward Miles for free flights and upgrades and enjoy special privileges like excess luggage allowance, and priority wait listing.
How much do I pay for excess baggage?
If you require more than one checked-in baggage, then you will need to pay 125 Riyals per bag, weighing a maximum of 23kg. Visit the Saudi Arabian Airlines website to keep abreast of the latest baggage weight and regulations.
How can I apply for Hajj Visa and Umrah visa?
Hajj visas get issued from Mid-Shawwal until 25th Dhual-Qa'dah while Umrah can be applied for at any time of the year. These visas are free, and one can get in touch with the nearest Saudi Consulate for more information. The validity of Umrah visa lasts for two weeks. Passengers can avail of special packages for Hajj and Umrah with Saudi Arabian Airlines.
Can I book my flight tickets for Hajj online?
Even if you have a Hajj visa, you can only book your Saudi Airlines flight ticket either through the nearest Saudia centre or a travel agency certified by Saudi Hajj ministry.

Why should I book Saudi Arabian flight with Go Ejazah?
What is Skysales SAUDIA?
Skysales, SAUDIA’ is an in-flight shopping service and offers excellent value for money for the quality of its merchandise. One can browse the popular collection of products that make for ideal souvenirs. Shop for 30% off retail prices and enjoy a wide product range.
What Islamic dietary laws are followed by Saudi Arabian Airlines?
Saudi Arabian Airlines does not serve any alcoholic beverages or pork on its flight. Thus, do not expect any alcoholic drinks or meals containing pork when you fly with the airline.
Can I carry zamzam water on my flight?
Hajj passengers can carry not more than 5 litres of zamzam water in their checked baggage on Saudia flights departing from Saudi Arabia.
Can I carry perfumes in my hand luggage?
Saudia flights do not permit its passengers to carry any liquids including non-alcoholic in their hand luggage due to their no liquid policy. Go through the baggage policy before booking a flight.
Will I be served alcohol on Saudi Arabian Airlines?
Saudi Airlines does not serve alcohol on any of its flights due to Islamic laws. The rule is applicable not only on flights to and from Saudi Arabia but destinations across the globe. Passengers are also barred from bringing alcohol on board even the one purchased from the duty-free.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Highlights

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